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If transportation services are offered:

We transport within a 5 miles radius.

(1) For each child being transported, the provider shall have a transportation permission form:

(a) signed by the parent, and
(b) on-site for review by the Department.

(2) Each vehicle used for transporting children shall:
(a) be enclosed with a roof or top,
(b) be equipped with safety restraints,
(c) have a current vehicle registration,
(d) be maintained in a safe and clean condition,
(e) contain a first aid kit, and
(f) contain a body fluid clean up kit.

(3) The safety restraints in each vehicle that transports children shall:
(a) be appropriate for the age and size of each child who is transported, as required by Utah law;
(b) be properly installed; and
(c) be in safe condition and working order.

(4) The driver of each vehicle who is transporting children shall:
(a) be at least 18 years old;
(b) have and carry with them a current, valid driver's license for the type of vehicle being driven;
(c) have with them the written emergency contact information for each child being transported;
(d) ensure that each child being transported is in an individual safety restraint that is used according to
Utah law;
(e) ensure that the inside vehicle temperature is between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit;
(f) never leave a child in the vehicle unattended by an adult;
(g) ensure that children stay seated while the vehicle is moving;
(h) never leave the keys in the ignition when not in the driver's seat; and
(i) ensure that the vehicle is locked during transport.

(5) When the provider walks or uses public transportation to transport children to or from the facility, the
provider shall ensure that:
(a) each child being transported has a completed transportation permission form signed by their parent,
(b) a caregiver goes with the children and actively supervises them,
(c) the caregiver-to-child ratio is maintained, and
(d) caregivers take each child's written emergency contact information and releases with them.

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