Little Wonders West

Your Child Will Feel at Home Here

Bring your child to our cozy child care facility in Logan, UT

Logan, UT is a family-friendly town. There are lots of places to go for a short family trip or weekend getaway. There are also plenty of welcoming neighborhoods to move into. If you're looking for a learning facility that's as cozy and inviting as your home, turn to Little Wonders Learning Center. We have a welcoming child care facility in Logan, UT. Infants, toddlers and elementary-school-aged children enjoy their time at our facility because we balance fun and learning.

Little Wonders West After School program is dedicated to providing a wide variety of activities tailored to school-age children. The program places great importance on offering homework support, writer's workshops, curriculum-based activities, and engaging STEM activities to enrich each child's learning and development. The children's remarkable dedication and focus within the program consistently exceed expectations, making it an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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