Each location participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program offered through the USDA & The Utah Office of Education.

Good Manners

At our schools we believe in teaching children appropriate manners and social skills both in the classroom and at the table. We offer "Family Style" serving; this means that our children sit at the table in a small group with a teacher.

Family Style

The food is served in small serving dishes with child-sized dishes and serving utensils. Our children are encouraged to serve themselves with the support of a teacher. We believe that offering children an opportunity to sit in a "Family Style" setting for meals encourages appropriate social behaviors as well as peer encouragement to try new foods and learn important self-help skills.

Milk is served with every breakfast and lunch

We serve fresh fruits and vegetable in season

Little Wonders is an Equal Opportunity Provider

Healthier CACFP Requirements

  • Dark Green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, raw leafy greens) served once a week
  • Red/Orange vegetables (carrots, red peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes) served once a week
  • Peas and Legumes (black beans, kidney beans, lentils, refried beans, pinto beans, navy beans, great northern beans {does not include green beans and green peas}) served once a week
  • Whole grain-rich food served (2x/day) (2 different types of whole grain-rich foods served each week)
  • Snack - 1 of the 2 components is a fruit/vegetable at least 3x/week
  • Sweet crackers are served either 1xweek or less than 2x/month
  • Different fruit served at each meal throughout the day

Fall Winter Menu


Spring Summer Menu