Transportation of Children

Transportation of Children

We provide the following types of transportation for children:

  • to and from off-site activities
  • to and from school
  • to a medical facility in case of an emergency

Children are transported in our company vans.

Children will not be transported without written permission from parent or guardian.

Our policies for transporting children to and from school are as follows:

  • Children may be dropped off at school up to 15 minutes before school starts.
  • Children may have to wait a maximum of 15 minutes after school gets out before they are picked up.
  • If a child fails to meet the Center’s van or bus after school, we will first, call the center to find out any new information, second, go inside to find the child, and third, call the parents.
  • If there is ever a delay or problem with a child’s transportation to and from school, we will call the parents immediately.
  • We will always ensure that children are properly secured in seat belts, booster seats, and car seats that are appropriate for each child’s age and size.