Child Discipline

  1. The provider shall inform caregivers, parents, and children of the center’s behavioral expectations for children.
  2. The provider may discipline children using positive reinforcement, redirection, and by setting clear limits that promote children’s ability to become self-disciplined.
  3. Caregivers may use gentle, passive restraint with children only when it is needed to stop children from injuring themselves or others or from destroying property.
  4. Discipline measures shall not include any of the following:
    1. any form of corporal punishment such as hitting, spanking, shaking, biting, pinching, or any other measure that produces physical pain or discomfort;
    2. restraining a child’s movement by binding, tying, or any other form of restraint that exceeds that specified in Subsection (3) above
    3. shouting at children;
    4. any form of emotional abuse;
    5. forcing or withholding of food, rest, or toileting; and,
    6. confining a child in a closet, locked room, or other enclosure such as a box, cupboard, or cage.