Accountability for Children and Authorized Release

Accountability for Children and Authorized Release

We do the following to account for each child’s attendance and whereabouts at all times:

Checkout Procedures:

  • Authorized pickup persons are registered on the time clock using a fingerprint or two PINs. They must receive a ticket from the time clock before picking up or dropping off a child.
  • If the person picking up the child has no ticket, the caregiver must first send the person back to the office to correct the problem and receive a ticket.
  • If no one is in the office, the caregiver may verify authorization on the Child Information Sheet in the class binder.
  • The caregiver must then check the person’s photo ID, if he/she is unfamiliar.
  • If no authorization can be verified, the caregiver must attempt to call the director for instruction.
  • If the director cannot be reached, the caregiver must call the child’s emergency contacts for permission, beginning with the legal guardians.
  • If authorization still cannot be given, the child may not be released, under any circumstance.

Other Procedures to Ensure and Clarify Accountability for Children:

  • Persons dropping off or picking up a child must at least make eye contact with the caregiver in order to clearly transfer accountability for the child.
  • Caregivers maintain attendance sheets that account for all children at all times.
  • Caregivers compare a head count with their attendance sheets after every transition and during and after emergency drills.
  • Caregivers carry attendance sheets and emergency release information with them at all times, including on-site and off-site activities, and during emergency drills.
  • Signs for each group of children are posted by the office so that they can be located at any given time. Caregivers are responsible to keep them updated at all times.