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Learn, Grow, Develop

Little Wonders is where young children come to grow and develop intellectually, socially and emotionally!


We have three fantastic centers which you and your child will love!

Each center has specially designed programs for children from infancy to elementary.

Our Little Wonders family’s entire approach revolves around preparing children for kindergarten and beyond as they develop intellectually, emotionally and socially.

We provide children with hands-on learning opportunities that enhance their abilities in language arts, mathematics, motor skills, social skills, and much more. Check out each of our centers to see what they have to offer your family.

Logan North
Little Wonders North
Logan South
Little Wonders South
Logan West
Little Wonders West


I am so glad that I decided to make the switch from home daycare to here. Kyrstin is thriving here and the teachers and staff are great! Would recommend Little Wonders to everyone.

I was so worried about going back to work after having my daughter but after finding Little Wonders I was really relieved and at peace about it. And now, after having her there for more than six months, I couldn’t be happier with our situation. People are constantly telling me how advanced my daughter is for her age – and I know it is because of Little Wonders! Not only does she learn from the other babies she is around, the caregivers and teachers are amazing! I love that they have so many fun and stimulating activities, even for the little babies!! The nursery is great!

I feel very lucky that we found the Little Wonders. The teachers are so loving and the managements are excellent. Our girl is happy there and is learning well. Thank you!

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Your Child’s Safety and Health

Each of our staff members is carefully selected to ensure they have the skills to keep children safe. We require a background screening and a food handlers permit, and we strive to each be First Aid and CPR certified.  We have regular fire drills and have emergency plans in place.

Nutrition is also meticulously planned to ensure healthy development for both brain and body. Our chefs work to create delicious and nutritional meals, and we offer substitutions for your child’s specific dietary needs.